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Crimson Hospital, a leading contributor to private healthcare services in Nepal, is a 100-bedded multi-disciplinary hospital situated in Tilottama-05, Rupandehi. Since its inception on May 17, 2011, the hospital has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to improving people’s lives through exceptional service excellence. With its own RCC building conforming to the National Building codes of the Government of Nepal, covering an area of 176,144.63 sq. ft., Crimson Hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including Cathlab, CT-Scan, Digital X-ray, Physiotherapy, Dialysis, OT, OPD, Laboratory, and Pharmacy. It takes pride in its dedicated team of consultants, specialists, and employees who ensure utmost patient satisfaction. The hospital also provides additional facilities such as 24-hour emergency services, General ICU, CCU, Neuro Surgery ICU, and Cabin. Crimson Hospital is operated by Crimson College of Technology, located in Butwal-11, Rupandehi, further emphasizing its commitment to education and healthcare excellence in the region.

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